Apple TV: the Future has not come

It’s time to talk about Apple TV: in March 2019 these cute boxes were sentenced. Revolution in television, the necessity of which 12 years were saying Apple was over before it started. Several times it was on the brink, in September 2015 it is announced – but something went wrong again.

Actually, I just wanted to tell you about the fourth-generation Apple TV, tvOS and its SDK. September 9, 2015 “the future of television” paid half hour. As much as the iPad Pro or the iPhone 6s/6s+. More than anything else.

It was a special Apple TV, which now was accompanied by an entire ecosystem (tvOS, SDK, App Store, remote support Siri). Complete platform with the tools in Xcode (which was the simulator for the Apple TV) and a powerful ambition. Apple wanted to announce tvOS revolution in television – but the revolution or the Apple TV 4G or tvOS 9, no TVMLKit or trainer for pedestrians (Crossy Road) is not pulled.

As would be the case with personal computers, if in 1984 appeared the Mac? And what would be the smartphones and tablets if not iPhone and iPad? If it were not for Apple, what would be the laptops, stores programs and music publishing systems, and much more? Television – bright and clear example of this.

Apple tried to humanize and television. The first Apple TV was announced along with the iPhone. Apple Computer was “simply Apple” due to the fact that the major platforms (iPod, iPhone and Apple TV) were not related to computers. It was all very serious, but something important did not realize, and Apple TV has become a “hobby”.

Why? Why did they miss their chance, again and again – and by March 2019 were forced to “move focus to the Apple TV+”, because the market of such devices, the share of Apple was disappointingly frivolous: 13%.

I just wanted to tell you about the fourth-generation Apple TV, but without his backstory opus has not evolved, pelucas flat and indistinct. Go at it on occasion.

This is the beginning of a mini-series about Apple TV.

Who led the project?

From the heads of most of the other major companies Steve jobs distinguished by attention to the most insignificant at first glance, detail. He was personally involved in all more or less important projects. His influence is hard to overestimate.

But he wasn’t even an engineer. He was fantastic, almost infallible flair. Some unknown science the way he usually knew what “go” and what not. That view often do not agree (in the shower) – but he was able to get.

And a flair for people. On special, non-standard and unusual, able to create something “insanely great.” Such people are usually not present. Some of them boasted then that Steve fired them a hundred times – but after half an hour or an hour to reverse its decision.

Every successful project Apple was a strong leader, able to defend their point of view, are ready to work round the clock and seven days a week. Uncomfortable in communication – for some reason all the creators obnoxious – well, almost everything. Each of them once chose Steve.

Safari, iPhone and iPad, Scott Forstall. And Apple Maps – he, too, only without Steve. the iPod is Tony Fadell. System-on-chip from Apple – johnny Srouji. Bertrand Serlet, then Craig Federighi is OS x and then iOS. Ive put the soul into the iMac, creating the world’s first true home computer.

And here at project Apple TV obnoxious-genius of the leader. Whether “zomboyaschik” and in fact turns off brains, or just had bad luck – but it did not happen. In history not included none heading this project.


At the time, projects such as Mac OS X (OS X later, in our days macOS), iOS, Mac and on different processor platforms, iPhone, iPad, and iPod were the most important or among the most important for the company. They were in focus, they spared neither the means nor the resources, they were brought to an unearthly Shine and Apple TV with no luck. If he was the center of attention for a short while and sporadically.

In 2006, when the public was informed about the company’s work on iTV, attention was drawn to much more important things: the Mac and had just switched to Intel, safely and with amazing ease – but unresolved problems was more than enough, the iPhone was at the finish line and demanded attention.

To call the device iTV failed in the UK was a television company with the same name, the interests of Apple and iTV fatal interactions, to solve the problem in the usual way (to buy the right to buy a license or something like that) failed, so the device was the Apple TV.

9 Jan 2007 one of the last MacWorld Expo in the history of Apple, Apple Computer was “simply Apple”. Now the company had 4 platforms: Mac, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV, and only one of them had to do with computers. Two of them were declared at the same time.

Apple TV first generation on the Intel Pentium M processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, was released in March 2007. First drive 40 Gigabytes ($299). Then with a disk of 160 GB for 399. In 2008, the prices dropped to $ 229 and $ 329 in 2009 the model with 40 Gigabytes was removed from production, a model with 160 GB cost $ 229.

Operating system in first generation Apple TV was a subset of Mac OS 10.4.7.

In 2009, iPhone already out of infancy, turned into iPhone 3GS, Apple TV was the same TV with the Apple ID of the model AppleTV1.1 – and somehow sold worse than expected.

Apple TV ceased to mention when listing platforms, Apple and declared a hobby.

The second and third generation

In 2010, finally announced AppleTV2.1, with Apple A4 inside and with the operating system based on iOS. Steve admitted his mistake: in the set top box hard drive is not needed. He only hinders. Apple TV receives data from the network and displays them on the TV screen.

The drive inside the Apple TV second generation was all the same, SSD capacity of 8 Gigabytes. Secret disk. Of which everybody who might be interested know.

The dimensions of Apple TV 2G (98х98х23 mm) became the standard for Apple TV for five years. As the price – $ 99.

Apple TV sold a little brighter, but before the expected runs it never came.

In 2011, I read a fascinating comparison Apple TV 2 Mac mini is performing the same role. The author of the comparison, and I recognized the Mac mini is a winner. True cost of “minik” five (or more) times more expensive.

A third generation, Apple A5 inside, was released in March 2012. About Apple TV 3G network a lot of conflicting information, I was able to get to the original sources, and here is the exact info: Apple TV 2012 (AppleTV3.1) was the Apple A5r2 made by Samsung, the technology of 32 nm, with a 1-nuclear CPU and 2-core PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU.

In the Apple TV 3G introduced support 1080p (only 720p 2G) and Bluetooth Discovery to connect the selected device to the Apple TV.

At the end of January 2013 released a new model of Apple TV 3G AppleTV3.2, with Apple A5r3 within 1-nuclear CPU and the same GPU made by the same Samsung, but according to the technology of 28 nm.

Other differences between the AppleTV3.1 and AppleTV3.2 I could not find it.

In January 2013 something happened, and about the Apple TV is almost forgotten for three years.

During these three years appeared on the market, the competitors, the devices of similar purpose from Roku, Amazon and some others took over the market. Their new version came out one by one, they cost the same as Apple TV, they were more convenient and practical.

Apple TV 3G is still sold, only worse. I wonder why?

4th generation

About Apple TV 4G and about “TV of the future” will tell in the sequel, while we will pay attention only to one detail, in my opinion important.

IDs Apple TV 3G 2012 and 2013 were AppleTV3.1 and AppleTV3.2. Apple TV 2G AppleTV2 was.1. The same age as the first iPhone was AppleTV1.1.

I’ve listed them so you don’t suspect Apple clerks in the disorder. Apple TV 4G was AppleTV5.3.

What happened to AppleTV4.x? At least one was supposed to be? And where did AppleTV5.1 and AppleTV5.2?

Riddle, shrouded in mystery.

To be continued…

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