Apple TV running on a MacBook Pro and a new OLED screen size of 16 inches extending from edge to edge

Macbook Laptop Apple MacOS Sierra

Used computers and MacBook laptops from Apple LCD screens many years ago. However, it is possible that Apple made some changes at the level of the display technology used in future generations of computers MacBook Pro because according to a new report recently released from the location of The Elec South Korean, he says that Apple is working on the computer MacBook Pro new uses OLED display.

The report claims that this laptop will feature a OLED screen sized 16 inch stretch frame that’s too skinny. In the case if you’re wondering why this sounds familiar to you, it is because earlier this year, claims analyst-old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo also Apple is working on the computer MacBook Pro new the 16 inch may be released later this year. However, in that report is not talking about what if this computer will put the OLED screen, so this new development in the case.

I moved recently Apple to OLED screens in phones iPhone with iPhone X in 2017. It is expected that the company depends entirely on OLED screens in smart phones in the near future. Used computers MacBook from Apple the OLED also, but only in the Bar Touch Bar. In the case if this new report is true, it will be this is the first laptop from Apple features OLED display.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that this new report also stated that Samsung will supply Apple with OLED that will be used in a computer MacBook Pro new, and this is not surprising given that Samsung is the largest supplier of screens of the OLED at the global level at the moment.


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