Apple TV review at the iPhone globally will be downward in some states

Apple unveiled the About are a quarter of the first act, 2019 hours ago pregnant in the folds of a decline in are iPhone, by 15% from the previous year for the same quarter what is considered to be a disappointment for the company, compared with its forecast as previously as its executive director in a statement the beginning of January the reason for this decline crises faced in the Chinese market and some other factors with influence in the global economy.

In the context of confronting the police force in the sales of iPhones Tim Cook said that the company decided to return rates compatible with those which were imposed locally last year hoping to help revive sales in other global markets according to his statements during an interview by Reuters with him yesterday.

Explaining that to the Apple TV I always thought a dollar coin routinely in the pricing of its organs which led to the high cost of international consumer and by comparing them with local currencies in markets other that suffered from stress during the past year; which led to increase the price of the iPhone locally with regard to this difference came to the company’s decision to reduce compensation in some states, but without mentioning any other details.

It seems that this is one of the factors that led to the decline of sales of the iPhone during this quarter but taking into account the decline in shipments of smartphones globally in general and in China in particular where reduced phone shipments up by 14% to 2018 from its predecessor; due to several factors of which keep a lot of users with their phones than previous versions later techniques involved.

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