Apple TV Music enhance the list in the Middle East

Enhanced service Apple TV Music Apple Music list in the Middle East to encompass 50 million songs available in seven regions: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

The organization announced, in celebration of this achievement, announces the launch of a new destination in the Middle East on behalf of Sounds of Arabia can customers explore the range of groups music of the Middle East.

Was to prepare this group by local experts and specialists and their awareness of the local culture, they add to their own for each group.

Designed Apple TV music through the release of Sounds of Arabia to the advancement of the Arabian music that is currently experiencing a paradigm shift to a more creative result in many projects of contemporary art based on the integration of Eastern music with the music world and present it to the public in an artistic way unique.

Come Sounds of Arabia in honor of all the creative projects that are popular locally, while exceeding their music local boundaries to talk the language of the world such as Jordan’s “September” who are destroying their roots of Arab music indy rock.

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The service Apple TV music from the workpiece to discover the best talent in the Middle East, and gives local artists a global platform to deliver their music to audiences around the world, and shed light on their actions, and support through articles and editorial such as the publication of the work of the task 74 Sol Jordanian, Palestinian, and here’s something we designed, in many of the Apple Stores music across the globe.

With more than 50 million songs, providing the Apple Music and the latest international music, most notably, in addition to a huge list of music which can be accessed through playlists Essential Playlist for each artist.

It also provides Apple TV music a wide range of music from throughout the Middle East, categories include musical styles are different, such as music, the Gulf, Morocco, and folk music, Arabic music, Egyptian, Lebanese, music, Dabke and policies, down to the Arabic hip hop music, in one place.

Service is available on Apple TV Music phones iPhone, computers, iPad, and iPod touch, computers Mac, and PCs, and Apple TV.

Can download service application from the Google Play Store Google Play on Android devices, and offers free subscription for three months through the link.

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