Apple TV learn the fine due to misleading customers Australians

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Has punished Apple in Australia for refusing to offer fixes free for iPhone, computers, iPad tablets previously received services by the stores, not police, which is the latest episode in the global dispute between the companies and consumers in relation to rights reform, where he succeeded to the region are Australians ACCC to file a lawsuit against Apple in respect of the exercise of their anti-consumers, and the Federal Court of Australia on the company a fine of 9 million Australian dollars, or US $ 6.6 million.

The lawsuit alleged that Apple used an update to its operating iOS iOS baptized to disable hundreds of devices iPhone, computers, iPad Tablet, where the message appears refer to “Error 53” on the devices that have been serviced by stores the unauthorized repair, and then refused to unscrew the lock devices that know this message, and told consumers they would not make repairs free of the devices that have become inoperable due to bugs.

I told Apple at least 275 clients from Australian consumers who were affected by the error 53 that they are not eligible for compensation because their servers have been service in advance in stores is a subsidiary of the company, which led to the invalidation of Warranties, and have been Telling customers that in the period between February 2015 and February 2016.

The company has presented such information through its web site and through the staff available in the Apple App Store within Australia, and via telephone calls for customer service, under Australian law, according to the Commission competition and consumer the Australian, which filed a lawsuit against the company, clients are entitled to repair or replacement and sometimes refund if the product is defective.

In the view of some customers Apple TV to back Error 53 is part of the overall effort to prevent users from going to museums non-affiliated manufacturer of phones iPhone repairs, the Commission said Sarah Kurtz Sarah Court if the Federal Court of Australia ruled that Apple can’t stop service of hardware-the warranty because the consumer device has been repaired by someone other than Apple.

Increased conflict during recent years about the places where consumers can get through on the repair processes for the devices with increasing complexity of consumer devices, compression and assembly of reform in the United States for the government to ask manufacturers to share the information that you need stores reform Independent to fix its products, while others raised concerns that the reforms are unauthorized may know the security of the data on the compromised devices.

He said Apple previously the error Error 53 can occur after replacing the screen of the unauthorized, and that this error needed to protect customers in the case of the use of the sensor fingerprint is fraudulent, and added later that “Error 53” error, so that they were intended to be within the factory tests, considered Apple posted instructions on its website for consumers to fix the problem.

The company said access to about 5000 customers were affected by the error Error 53 to compensate them after they were advised of the investigation conducted by the regulatory body of Australia, has also agreed Apple is also improving staff training, in addition to strengthening its internal systems and procedures to ensure compliance with the laws of consumers, the Australian, and the Apple TV also under this Agreement to provide alternative devices, not just devices has been renewed, if there was a defect in the product.

Likely to be consumers are the main beneficiaries of the court’s decision because the repairmen third parties usually are paid lower wages, said James Thomson James Thomson, the local large industry in IBISWorld’s apple and other large companies may have to lower the repair costs to retain consumers, and added that, although the financial penalties are relatively minimal for a company The size of Apple, but that the reaction may have a greater impact on the company and the industry in general.

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