Apple TV is targeting millions of phones iPhone old by electronic messages to convince them to upgrade to the iPhone XR

iPhone XR

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Galliano too, and Apple knows it well. Why do we believe it? Simply because according to the forum on the social network Reddit, it seems that Apple is targeting million phones iPhone old with e-mails asking them to upgrade to the iPhone XR which happens to be the phone is the cheapest among the smartphones and three Apple issued in the second half of last year.

As all of you probably know, the price of the phone iPhone XS starts from 1000$, this means that it costs a lot of money. On the other hand, there are iPhone XR is not cheap at all, but its price of $ 750 USD makes it suitable for those who are used to buying phones iPhone at a similar price in the past years. However, the phone iPhone the XR imposes on the customer to sacrifice some things like the OLED screen for LCD, and sacrifice it to rear camera dual use instead of software to provide the same effects provided by dual camera.

Reports claim also that it is the allocation of these e-mails apparently, they differ from one user to another according to the iPhone registered to his name. For example, reported some of the features of iPhone 6 that they received emails about the show lets them for a limited time to abandon the current phone company and get a discount of$ 200 when you buy iPhone XR. Also moving the e-mail about how fast the iPhone XR compared with the current phone.

Has been suggested by some analysts lately that it probably depends on the Apple reduced the prices significantly, especially reducing the price of iPhone XR if the company hopes to sell more units, but as we said earlier, the price of 750 USD is still not suitable in the eyes of many people who will pay $ 79 dollars to replace the battery for iPhone their current to make them look like New.

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