Apple TV is no longer require clients to pay$ 99 to migrate data computers Mac new

macbook pro 2018

Used Apple to ask customers 99 USD to migrate their data from your Mac the old to the new machine. These fees are no longer logical in our time, but Apple continued to extract those fees from their customers for a long time, but the company decided to change that now that he quietly remove the charges migrate data.

It was the site of TidBits first to discover that Apple no longer ask customers to pay 99 USD to migrate their data from Mac computers old to new Mac computers newly purchased, this is already what has been confirmed by one of the staff at Apple where he stated by saying : ” As of April 2, there will be no cost for the operations of the data migration when you purchase a new Mac from the Apple Store or when you fix it “.

This of course will make life easier for a lot of customers. Regardless of whether you bought the Mac new from an Apple retail Store or the repair procedure requires the procedure to migrate the data, you’ll say Apple is now doing it for the customers without any additional fees.

It should be the case since the beginning, but Better Late Than Never!. Keep in mind that the process of data migration may take considerable time if you have a lot of data. So, take this into consideration when you deliver your device to the Apple TV to migrate data.


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