Apple TV come with more news the sales of iPhone bad

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Suffering the company of the Apple with the continued emergence of more bad news about sales of its smart phones iPhone, where she became Group Foxconn Technology Foxconn Technology, the largest A iPhone, the latest company from the companies supplying Apple warns of weak demand across an internal memorandum proposes to reduce expenditures by almost half in the next year, where the aim of the company consolidated for the iPhone to reduce expenditures in 2019 by about $ 2.9 million due to face a difficult year is very competitive, according to the document internal obtained by Bloomberg.

The spending Company of Foxconn in the past 12 months approximately 206 million Taiwan dollars ($6.7 million), shares rose company Hon Hai Hon Hai Precision Industries, known as Foxconn in Taiwan and Asia, less than one percent in early trading in Taipei, Taipei on Thursday.

The Foxconn, which supplies major technology companies such as Google and Amazon, have achieved proceeds of $ 4,73 billion USD in 2017, but has faced increasing criticism because of their work practices, including increased reliance on a workforce that can get rid of them.

Said Foxconn in a statement sent via e-mail in response to inquiries by Bloomberg: “we review regularly our global operations, audit conducted by our team this year is no different from training similar to that we have had in the past years, it is designed to ensure that corporate teams and budgets compatible with the current needs and anticipated our customers and our global commodities and economic challenges for the next year or two”.

Sector needs assembling iPhones in Foxconn company to cut expenses by $ 865 million in the next year, the company plans to dispose of about 10 percent of employees non-technical, is likely to add to these challenges the more suffering that surround the Apple company suppliers of iPhone, which is the most important product, with a cut in the last week, only four suppliers in three continents, their estimates of income due to weak demand, which led to a shake in the shares of technology companies.

Reduced Company Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs target price was reported by Apple for the second time this month due to weak demand for the iPhone in China and other emerging markets, warned analyst Rod Hall Rod Hall of physical risk to him if current trends continue, the company’s share price fell the Apple TV to the area of the bearish market this week, closing share price decline of 24 percent compared with the peak price in the month of October.

Fell shares of the company Lumentum Holdings Inc, one of the companies that warned of weak demand during one day in the last week increased by 33 percent, while lower shares of AMS AG grew by 22 percent, reduce the index Standard & Poor’s S&P 500 gains for 2018 this week, depending on the prevalence of anxiety, while reflecting the Nasdaq Nasdaq is an increasing concern.

And company Foxconn, based in Taipei almost everything, starting with iPhones and need portable access to platform games PlayStation with Sony in its factories in China and around the world, were affected by the company’s slowdown in the smartphone market, while contributing to trade tensions between the United States and China in the increasing global uncertainty, the company achieved earlier this month a profit of less about 12 percent of expectations.

Owns Apple alternative plan in the event of decreased demand for the iPhone, but a lot of the suppliers do not have such a plan, as could Apple modify its strategy with slowdown in the growth rate of the number of smartphones sold each year through the imposition of higher prices on both the phone and generate more money from services, including video services, music and data storage to the cloud, but most of their suppliers are relying on increasing sales volume to grow their business and do not have an alternative plan with the slowdown in the growth of the industry.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple TV come with more news the sales of iPhone bad

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