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Apple iMac

The company Apple recently updated the iMac Pro gave users the option to add 256GB of RAM to the computer. And for those who don’t want to get a iMac Pro and want to just get the iMac, they’re lucky now because Apple didn’t forget these computers had updated it today.

In fact, I’ve decided to Apple in education new focus on processors, so if you want to get radical changes in terms of design and features, you’re out of luck. Will computers iMac using the same design, but you will be able to get him with the ninth generation of processors Intel Core. Version 21.5-inch iMac will now be available for purchase with the ninth generation of Intel Core processors six-cores, while the version will be the 27-inch available for purchase with the same processors, but it will provide up to eight cores which makes it faster by about 2.4 times.

Will use computers iMac also updated the card graphics AMD Radeon Pro Vega of the company AMD, which makes these soils suitable for those who want to run games or edit videos, but other than that, we fear that it is not made significant changes to these computers. There were rumors saying that Apple might explore the possibility of using a completely new design in the iMac, but if Apple will actually do it, it is certain that it did not happen now.

If you want to see the model of iMac-new and configured according to your needs, head to the official site of apple of here to get the details.


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