Apple TV available to the U.S. Supreme Court to issue anti-monopoly on the App Store

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Availability of Apple’s lawsuit against the monopoly in the United States of America because of the App Store the iTunes App Store, the American company now to the country’s Supreme Court to request the closure of this lawsuit.

And filed this lawsuit primarily against Apple because of the fact they are at a discount of 30 percent of revenues from applications sold through the iTunes store, the App Store, but Apple has expressed in many occasions that their practice is not proprietary, and that the company is dealing with this lawsuit since 2011. The lawsuit claims essentially that Apple end its policy monopoly by allowing only the sale of apps for iOS devices through the iTunes store the App Store unlike Android devices which allows users to purchase or download applications from the stores of the third party and not through the Google Play Store only. According to the police, stated to the news agency Reuters saying :

” Although the developers set prices for their apps, Apple collects payments from iPhone users, with respect to 30% of the value of each purchase. One of the areas of disagreement in this case is whether application developers are preparing for the cost of such commissions through the pass to the consumers. Earned developers more than $ 26 million in 2017, an increase of 30 percent from the year 2016 “.

It will be interesting to see what will happen, given that this judicial conflict started since the year 2011, we do not expect to reach a final judgment in any time soon.



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