Apple TV at a loss: what do you call a iPhone killer?

As we come closer to the date of the launch of the iPhones. next, not anyone knows the name of the three phones yet, even if some reports suggest that Apple has not taken a final decision on it yet, it is difficult due to the pattern of naming Apple identity defined in the previous, in addition to the method of classification of the phones next.

It is expected to reveal the Apple for the phones new on September 12, to be put on the market after that date a week and a half ago, the back problem will allow the new phones to the presence of three copies this year, including a new generation of iPhone X flagship, version plus of this iPhone flagship, the ratio of economic cost to be average in size between these two phones, and the cheapest in terms of price.

As you think about the Apple TV at the launch of the three phones on the body copy of S, which typically includes updates to the internal phones without any changes in exterior design, but this means that the name of the flagship phone will be the iPhone XS women and older XS plus, and what are the names of the strange may lead to confuse some customers.

In the iPad, we find that Apple completely abandoned the use of numbers, to use the name only for the size, such as iPad, iPad Pro, as we saw earlier this year, which some expect to happen with the iPhone too, but it is difficult when you continue to ask the older models.

And the names of Apple products from more parts of the production process of the company is confidential, unlike the manufacturing of the phone itself, the report of the names of the products within the company through a very small team of staff is trusted, it can also be a name change on the same day of detection of phones for added Safety.

This is currently the reference to the three phones, the spade, the words, as reported by Bloomberg in its report, to version the biggest, most expensive phones the name of D33, while the women leading the younger is D32, and the women economic the code is N84.

Source: Independent

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