Apple TV and maybe add a fast charger 18 watts of USB Type-C cables and Lighting in the boxes iPhone

آبل ربما تضيف شاحن سريع 18 واط من نوع USB-C وكابل Lighting في صناديق هواتف آيفون

In spite of its declaration about the characteristics of rapid charging in the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone 8, but Apple continued not to include a quick charger within the boxes of iPhones that launched in the last three years was available for users to purchase the external charger 50$ to charge their phones faster, but this might change with upcoming phones at the end of the year.

According to the website Mac Otakara Japan, will launch a Apple TV 3 version of phones this year, but these phones will not contain USB-C it will contain fast charger 18 watts of USB Type-C cables and Lighting to connect the outlet of the charger with the phone outlet and there will be a quick charger and cable inside the box each device.

Was Apple has supplied the iPad Pro devices Mac USB port-C with the characteristics of fast charging, and is now trying to get the rapid charger to the iPhone but it seems as the company will continue to keep anything incomplete on this matter because they because provide a USB-C port on the phone itself but will be the property via a cable connect the charger with the phone.

Besides the charger, the site of the Japanese spoke about the advent of the telephone. Xs XS Max camera three in the back with the lens telefoto lens wide and have the ability to export better. In coming phone XR camera just two.

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