Apple TV adds a new action to confirm the subscription on the iTunes store the App Store

iOS App Store

It was very easy for the users of the iTunes Store, App Store, payment for a subscription they don’t want him if they used a sensor fingerprint Touh ID for authentication. Just a simple touch of the sensor footprint could result in the payment of their subscription they don’t want. This was a problem because most users will push the main button to try out the app when they see the pop-up window to subscribe to. Because it has been activated, a fingerprint sensor Touch ID, you’ll be authenticated on the process of participating in something they don’t want.

Finally, Apple is working to fix this by adding a procedure to confirm the operation. When users press the button to signup for in the App Store, and then authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID, you will be shown a pop-up notification again to confirm whether they wish to proceed in the process of subscribing or not.

You will notice also the option of cancellation and in case of change of opinion. On this subject, stated Apple by saying : ” I will continue the subscription unless it is cancelled in the settings by at least one day of the expiry of the subscription period “.

It was reported that Apple had applied this change over the past few days there have been reports from users all over the world stating that they are watching now make the assertion that in the iTunes Store App Store.


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