Apple TV add my company Foxconn and TSMC to its clean energy

The company said the Apple TV today Thursday it has nearly doubled its number of suppliers who use clean energy to the business of the production, including two combines and two chips the processor for its smartphone “iPhone” iPhone.

The company said the Apple TV last year’s meet all their needs with renewable energy such as farms, solar that supply their own data centers powered. But a large part of their carbon footprint comes from its supply chain, since 2015 the work of the Apple TV directly with those companies to use clean energy to produce its devices.

Announced the Apple TV today is that there are 44 companies now operating in its programme for clean energy, including Hon Hai Precision, which undermine the unity of the “Foxconn“Foxconn affiliate manufactures devices for iPhone iPhone, the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing; and known as TSMC, which supplies the chipset A-series that run all mobile devices from Apple. Apple had previously revealed for the 23 suppliers in the program.

And the American company Clean Energy that comes from fuel cells powered by solar or wind or biogas, as well as what it called hydropower projects “low-impact” such as a location in Oregon gets energy from the water in the irrigation channels to run one of their data centres.

Did not identify Apple TV office that will put the new providers in the program on clean energy. It encourages suppliers to build renewable energy projects of their own, such as when a company “Compal” Compal collected for “the iPad” iPad last year with solar panels on the roofs of the buildings at its plants in China.

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When these options are not available, Apple states it’s aimed at the signing of suppliers on power purchase agreements with renewable energy projects, new use of purchases stocks of renewable energy only when there are no other options.

In an interview, said Lisa Jackson, vice-president of Apple for the environment, politics and social initiatives, the company is on track to pass its goal to add 4 gigawatts of renewable energy to the networks of supply chain by 2020 and has “Line of sight” access to more than 5 GW.

Refused Jackson to say whether the Apple TV will take over for suppliers such as Foxconn and TSMC – who can’t match a few of their capacity in the supply chain electronic world – if they fail to meet their obligations to the program.

Said Jackson: “it took some time until they join the program, so we believe that they now have they do, they are fully committed to do so”. She added: “It is clear that in case they fail to work, we’ll be there to pursue them. I can’t tell you what happens, but I hope that never happens”.

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