Apple TV+: a new service from shows and Apple’s

Apple revealed the new Apple TV+ streaming video subscription. It will provide exclusive content of their own production company. The service presented from the stage himself, Steven Spielberg, and actress Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston.

Spielberg is not only going to resurrect the brand Amazing Stories, who in ‘ 93, Apple TV+. It will take a direct part in the production of content for the new service.

The service will be collected several new shows, including a show of Kumara, Nanjiani, which will be called Little America, “the history of the people who are considered immigrants.” Since may, users will be able to subscribe to channels Apple TV, choosing only those that are of interest to them.

Apple also announced that in may of 2019 will be released an updated version of the Apple TV with the ability to subscribe to channels of interest. The new version of the app will provide convenient access to a variety of content — movies, TV shows and much more on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, smart TVs and streaming devices for viewing. The subscription app will be possible to watch channels Apple TV, choosing and paying only those that are of interest to the user. All content, including HBO, SHOWTIME and Starz, will be available with incredible picture quality and sound, on demand and with the ability to view both online and offline. New personalized version of the Apple TV enables you to watch cable and satellite channels, as well as buy and rent movies and TV shows available in iTunes.

Of course, it will take years to Apple has built a reputation of Netflix. And years — people began to pay both subscription service. How do you think? Write in our Telegram chat.

Apple TV+ will be available in autumn in 100 countries (and probably in Russia). On pricing will be announced later.

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