Apple treated apps that are going to use user data

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Apple introduced quietly a new set of rules for developers through the App Store in the last week to how the developers use information about friends of the owners of iPhones and other contacts, which added restrictions on applications that get the address books of iPhone users and location data of Friends of users, so that they look these war largely as a response Apple TV on scandal Facebook in relation to data Cambridge analytica Cambridge Analytica sprawling.

The mayor of this step is to close the loophole that has been used for years by application developers to store and share data without the consent of many people, thereby limiting the access of third parties to unprotected sources, filled with personal information, so that no longer can developers sell databases full of contact information for your users.

Cook the makers of the applications of the users access to the contacts on their phones, then use them for marketing sometimes share or sell the information without the permission of the other persons listed in the address books are digital, where the use of such a tactic on both Android and iOS, which is the largest operating systems, mobile devices in the world.

The question of the participation data of friends without their consent is what made the Facebook platform is facing a lot of trouble when he made one of the software developers and external information about millions of people to the company Cambridge analytica, where he criticized Apple’s social network for the smelt and pitfalls of the other, while announced updates privacy new to enhance its reputation in relation to the protection of users ‘ data.

The company said based in the city of Cupertino, California, with the launch of its annual worldwide developers earlier in the month of June by announcing a number of new announcements, including the possibilities of the new controller to reduce the tracking of users of its devices, but did not speak publicly about the update of the principles of the app store which gives developers to create databases for book titles that they have collected from the users of iPhone.

Also prohibited now share these rules and sell it with third parties, and no app can access the contact list of the user, and in case you didn’t get the developer to consent to the use of such data the company may attempt to block and ban anyone who breaks the rules.

And lists contacts for iPhone on the phone numbers, email addresses and profile photos for family, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances, and when users install applications, and then approved, get developers on dozens of user-specific data and contacts, so that the developers can use this information away from the control of the Apple TV.

Have emerged the problem of the abuse contacts from time to time during the years following the launch of the App Store in 2008, and in 2012, Added Apple TV way users to agree explicitly on Contacts, photos and location information and other data that are uploaded by the developers, although some apps, including uber, Facebook allows users to remove contacts that have been uploaded, but there is no mechanism to do that for all applications that are installed on the iPhone.

Remained the rules of the Apple in relation to the contacts are relatively consistent for a decade, so that helped this balance between user privacy and the needs of the developers of the company to build an ecosystem for applications the proceeds of the material, told Apple last week that the developers have achieved 100 million dollars since the launch of the store, the App Store, and you usually get the company on 30 percent of the profits from the app and Search in the App Store.

Users can iPhone go to Settings and turn off the permissions for the Contacts application, so that the lead to stop the flow of data, but this method does not attempt to restore information that has been assembled, and developed the manufacturer of the iPhone earlier this year, the possibilities of the new controller for privacy law compliance new European strict, as they fought the efforts of the U.S. government to access user data on the devices.

The problem stems from the inability of Apple users understand what the software developers can see it via their access to access to contacts, as once the user clicks OK, The can developer to download Information kept by the user about each person in the Address Book of their own, including names and phone numbers along with other data such as birth dates, home addresses and photos attached to the files definition.

How can the developer know when to create a new contact or when editing an existing contact, said one of the developers of the iOS: “the Address Book is the wild west of data, where I can transfer all the contacts information immediately to server random, or upload them to Dropbox if you want it during the same moment that gives the user permission to access Contacts, and do not follow Apple it and don’t know where to go”information.

And apps like Instagram and snapchat contact information to assist users in the creation of social networks, and body Federal Trade the FTC from consumers caution when an application requests information unrelated to the purpose of the app, says the Federal Trade Commission via its web site that any information collected by the developers can share with third parties or used to build databases.

It should be noted that the contact information may not be directly helpful to develop the application only if it contains a component related to networks of social networking or chat applications, but you can sell that information to data brokers who collect with other information to help companies sell goods and services online, and in some cases, be Data tool to market the application to other persons with the consent of the person who downloaded and installed it.

Apple treated apps that abuse user data

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