Apple to start replacing batteries of computers, the MacBook Pro due to a bug it

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ماك بوك برو يتعرض لخلل بسبب البطارية وآبل تستبدلها للمستخدمين مجانًا

The company announced the Apple announced the launch of a programme of new replacement batteries computers MacBook Pro 13-inch non-terms-of-touch because of the appearance of a bug it confirmed it’s going to change the batteries of this type is free in all parts of the world.

According to Apple: “the limited number of computers MacBook Pro, which does not contain the Touch Strip there their letter component causes the extended built-in battery to the device, and it’s not a safety issue will be solved”.

It is worth mentioning that the computers that had this bug, and has been manufactured in the period between October 2016 and October 2017, were not disclosed the actual number for the MacBook Pro that there is this imbalance.

For owners of laptop MacBook Pro 13-inch is not equipped with the terms of the multi-touch who want to know if their devices within the affected units or not, you have to enter the serial number of the device in the page to replace battery MacBook Pro.

For those who want to know the serial number of the device they can click on the Apple logo in the menu bar and then choose “About This Mac” where they will find that the serial number is located at the bottom of the information window that appears in front of them.

Customers affected by this bug and qualified to get a new battery visit one of the service providers of Apple Certified or make an appointment at the Apple Store, or send a letter to a service center Apple.

Suggest Apple TV to customers who will be replacing the battery backup of their files on the device to avoid losing any of them during the process of replacing the built-in battery, it also derives on the IT if your MacBook Pro on has a malfunction prevents the Replace the battery it must be addressed before beginning the process of replacing the battery.

The company stores users: “if you think that your MacBook Pro your 13 inch has been affected by this problem and you would have paid to replace the battery, you can contact the support of Apple regarding a refund”.

And for the record, the program will replace the battery covers models of the MacBook Pro affected for a period of five years after the first retail sale of the unit, and only extend the period of the Standard Warranty for Mac book Pro 13 inch in all around the world.

It is noteworthy that in the month of December of the year 2016 appeared several reports indicate the suffering of the owners of the computers MacBook Pro MacBook Pro which contains the bar to touch of the problem in the batteries of their devices, where they do not provide total work hours that were promised by the company through its website, and spread the time of the complaint provided by the customer indicating that they do not get half the time that was advertised when you bought the hardware, where Apple has promised its users to get 10 hours of battery life, But users have confirmed that they do not complete 3 hours of work when browsing the internet only..

The American Journal on consumer products reputable Consumer Reports has released a report at that time recommends the users not to buy the latest computers Apple because of the problems related to the age of the battery, to take the Apple after the step at the beginning of 2017 introduced computers MacBook Pro MacBook Pro models 2016 without touch panel in e-store devices manufactured with reductions ranging from 12% to 16% of the original price of computers.



Apple to start replacing batteries of computers, the MacBook Pro due to a bug it

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