Apple to start manufacturing the company’s actual wireless AirPower


The report revealed that Apple started to manufacture wireless charger AirPower by the company Luxshare Precision to do it claims the abolition of Apple this product especially that it is not available in the market through 2018.

Already Apple has cooperated with the company Luxshare Precision in order to manufacture several products such as headphones airpod and usb cables-c. Already revealed to Bloomberg that the company Pegatron would be the manufacturer of wireless charger, you are likely to visit Luxshare Precision Components for its final product the company Pegatron.

The Apple TV may occur at the launch of the iPhone X 2017 it will provide the wireless charger in its stores, markets, 2018 and has ended the year and did not do what has strengthened rumors that the company intends to cancel the product before its launch even.

It is worth mentioning that there is no information yet about the cover wireless charging for Apple’s wireless and this cover is necessary to use it to charge the headphones via a wireless charger.

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