Apple to start manufacturing iPhone X in India – will the drop rates?!

Company Foxconn China decided to manufacture the iPhone X in India the beginning of the month of July, according to a new report cited in The Economic Times. Manufacture and the phone will be in the company’s factory east of India.آبل تبدأ في تصنيع آيفون X في الهند - فهل تنخفض أسعاره؟!

آبل تبدأ في تصنيع آيفون X في الهند - فهل تنخفض أسعاره؟!

This step hopes to Foxconn – the exclusive partner of Apple in the manufacture of the iPhone – to raise their productive capacities especially the versions premier for iPhone, how to distribute the production process and expand outside of China comes on the background of the political conflict between the United States and China.

According to Reuters news, the company Foxconn invested about $ 356 million to establish factories in India and open area of about 25 thousand jobs there start running.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone X is not phone the iPhone first which is manufactured in India but there are also other phones such as iPhone SE the iPhone 6s is manufactured there by the Western Union Company one of the partners of Apple.

You will reflect it on the prices of iPhone?!

Yes, but in India only. Phones the iPhone which is manufactured in India will not be taxed, or the beauty of it as it happens with similar products imported from abroad.

The goal of apple of that step of attracting the consumer within the Indian markets which comes in second place directly after the Chinese markets, in addition to expanding the manufacturing of the iPhone outside of China in anticipation of any problem in the future between the government of the United States and China.

For other markets, will not vary the prices of phones, the iPhone manufacturer in India for that manufacturer somewhere else because they will tell you taxes and customs as imported products regardless of country of origin. Also will not choose quality, because the manufacturing process of the iPhone are subject to the same standards whether in India or China or anywhere else.

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