Apple to start manufacturing iPhone new next month

According to a new report from the newspaper Economic Daily News Taiwan company Samsung will begin manufacturing OLED screens for phone iPhone new iPhone X and its larger iPhone X Plus expected them this year during the month of May of the next to double production capacity in June next, where this report comes on the expected reversal which is the beginning of the production of young with late June or the beginning of the second quarter of the current year.

Fade this news with reports that were previously published on the issuance of three phones iPhone different at the same time in the last quarter of this year, often in September after the revelations about them in the same month. There were reports earlier that the company is working on three phones one of them the new generation of iPhone X and also another phone with bigger screen, maybe hold the word Plus behind his name which comes with a OLED is also a telephone and a last resort the LCD screen at a price Economic to please everyone.

Although came these phones at the same time, maybe on the Apple coordination early so it wasn’t like last year, it is Phone iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus released in September and did not come with OLED, the iPhone X that came with a screen OLED there has only in November.

But according to reports previously published justice delayed is iPhone was due to work on the techniques of front camera that supports technical call her Apple as the Face ID, it is assumed that not the same thing happen this year where according to the reports, the problems that delayed the production process have been resolved this year.

And Apple over the past months to update its system for smartphones and tablets iOS for the new update to iOS 11.3, which enables users to control the phone’s performance and scaling it in order to maintain the battery, after Apple scaling the performance of older phones claiming that this was for the benefit of the user and to keep the battery of his smartphone.

The company lost U.S. also spent in front of one of the owners of the centres of maintenance -because of its use for made in China and manufactured by Apple to repair phones of the company which was confiscated by the customs authority after the threat of a lawyer. the police not that he would be subjected to punishment for non-implementation of its orders, to see that standing in front of police in court and the elements of the case after not sentenced to any penalty.

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