Apple to spend $ 500 million to finance the development of more than 100 game service Apple Arcade

The implementation of Apple’s billions of dollars a year on original content for the Apple TV+, it will be about $ 480 million versus Texture which became in the end within the application to News +, it also also spend millions of dollars for each game in the service of the Apple Arcade.

The newspaper says The Financial Times, that the company is spending “several million dollars for each game” on the more than 100 game making a budget Apple Arcade exceed $ 500 million.

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The report says also that Apple provide “an additional incentive” for developers and if they lost his game exclusive to the Apple Arcade.

Mention other sources that all the games Apple Arcade will not be offered on the Google Play Store. Thus they are considered the deal “exclusively on mobile devices” basically, this will allow developers to run these games on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox and Nintendo Switch – without operating system Android. It also won’t be selling Arcade games in the App Store Test normal.

The games on this service will be accessed for a monthly subscription charge, in addition to, users can play any game within the service Arcade. In addition, the games will not contain in-app purchases, and there are limited levels, and no ads. On top of that won’t be able to Arcade games of share any data with the developers or publishers unless the customer provides express consent.

This will be the game available on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV and Mac with sync via iCloud.

Apple announced some big names that will be in service Arcade, such as Sonic and Lego, but also focus on the headlines of the future. In addition to funding, it is believed that Apple is working on construction engineering private developers to help them spread the game engines have their own systems running Apple.

Once you launch the Arcade, and expected to get game developers on a revenue level based on the time spent by users in-Game toys. For News +, you retain the Apple by 50% of the subscription fee of $ 9.99 USD per month and the remaining 50% with publishers based on engagement with their content. However, the exact mechanism that will deal by Apple with the Arcade is not clear.

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