Apple to send out warnings to holders for iPhone 5 need to update the system to stay in touch

آبل ترسل تحذيرات لحاملي آيفون 5 بضرورة تحديث النظام للبقاء على اتصال

If you are still users of the iPhone 5, you must now update the iOS to the last version available and it supports iPhone your.

Where I started the Apple TV to send warnings to owners of the iPhone 5 via a message that appears on the full screen alert them to the need to update the system to the latest version available for their device, to avoid losing the properties of the basic communication which include e-mail and the App Store, and Cloud Storage iCloud, as well as browse the web.

Where the company developed a timetable to do this update before the second of November next to upgrade the system version to iOS 10.3.4 where will the update to fix problems related to timing and positioning “GPS”.

No longer miss the deadline for the update is the last opportunity to do so, but provided that you backup the data on your computer to retrieve it in the event you intend to update the system.

Apple pointed out that a number of its other fourth-generation may be affected by devices such as the iPad, but will be limited to the effects on the service GPS.

But in general will not be the effects of this step is great for users of the iPhone, said Apple, that approximately 9% of the holders of its organs still work on system version lower than 12 iOS according to the statistic returns 15 from last October, knowing that the fabric shrunk 7% with the update some of their devices based last version.

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