“Apple” to reveal the first device to track sleep habits and get rid of insomnia

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, the device uses the new rate of 149 USD p cap size of 2 mm is placed under the mattress to track sleep, it has the capacity to know the sleep patterns of the user and can also tell him the best times to sleep and wake up.

تتبع النوم عبر تطبيقSleep tracking across the application

She said “Apple” in the store page on the new product: ” the device Beddit Sleep Monitor tracking automatic sleep works with the application Beddit on the phone “iPhone” your assistance on the measurement of sleep and manage and improve it, with intolerance automagically flour, you can get a full picture of your night, by measuring the sleep time, heart rate, breathing, and feeling, the room temperature and humidity”.

The Apple: “when you set daily goals for sleep, saves your Beddit to achieve them by sending notices, such as reminders sleep time and reports weekly”.

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