Apple to reveal ” Daisy“, which is Android user to recycle phones iPhone


It is known that Apple likes to promote their products and processes eco-friendly, this is why it is not surprising to learn that Apple’s robot named ” Daisy ” was specifically designed to recycle iPhones and can work at up to the dismantling of the 200 device in the past.

Why do you need Apple to dismantle the phones and the iPhone? Well, you do it because our smart phones are made from a variety of materials, since it can’t recycle all materials or recycled in the same way, it has to be sorted first. Android Daisy helps to do it which is also able to recover some of the most valuable resource, unlike some means of recycling the traditional, as well as get top-quality also according to Apple.

Ultimately this means that with the more material you can buy Apple recycled or rather to restore them, they will need to purchase a lesser amount of material in the next time you create a phones iPhone. If this sounds familiar to you, it is because Android Daisy is not the first robot to measure for Apple, already lost to this American company that has created another robot named Liam, on the approach of Apple, it seems that Android Daisy already consists of parts of Android Liam.


It was said that Liam was able to disassemble the 1.2 million iPhone per year which makes Android Daisy more efficient slightly, assuming that there are no breaks, it would lead to the dismantling of 1.75 million iPhone in one year.


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