Apple to reduce the importance of source code theft for iOS, which was leaked recently

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Lately, it turns out that it had been leaking the source code of a top secret file is very important in the iOS system. Given the secrecy that surrounded by Apple in fact their projects and their products, he thought that this delivery is very important, but it seems that Apple itself doesn’t think so. And certainly, leaks and harm companies that are trying to keep their own technology in secret, away from competitors, but Apple doesn’t want you to think that the last registry is very dangerous as everyone thinks.

In an official statement issued by the company, are stated by saying : ” it seems that the code is old and outdated three years has been leaked, but the design of security in our products do not rely on the secrecy of the source code. There are many ingredients and layered hardware and software responsible for the protection that is included in our products, we always encourage customers to upgrade to newer versions of the operating systems of our own to take advantage of the protection later “.

In the case of if I heard about it for the first time, it has recently been leaking the source code for extremely important in iOS 9 called iBoot, which is the file that works basically whenever you turn your phone iPhone. He is also the king responsible for the control of the operating system that you are running has been approved by Apple to ensure the non-use of the system is not authorized on the phone. But given that only about 7% of Apple devices are still running iOS 9, any potential problems could affect only a small number of users in the worst case.


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