Apple to patch a security hole in the version of iTunes for Windows

Correct the company Apple security flaw in the application of iTunes for the Windows operating system, which allowed the intruders to escape detection and bypass any apps anti-virus and install the application ransom BitPaymer.

Fixed giant technology taken from the Cupertino-based gap in the October 7 via released iTunes 12.10.1 and iCloud 7.14 Windows operating system immediately after its detection in a responsible manner.

These results – which revealed about a cyber-security firm Morpheus you Morphisec – in the time that you killed the Apple iTunes for the operating system macOS, and it replaced the applications of music and podcasts and TV in the macOS Catalina, but the application continues to work as usual on Windows.

According to cyber security have been exploiting a loophole path is not declared – is not seen very often – in tool to help Bonjour included with iTunes and iCloud to install application for a ransom demand on the computers non-specific in the automotive industry.

She said Morphisec: I’ve been surprised by the results of the investigation which showed that the tool update Apple software installed on a large number of computers in the various institutions.

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Increased risk of this exploitation by the fact that when you uninstall iTunes, the update tool Apple software remains installed on the device case, and must be removed separately – but many people don’t realize it, so they are still prone to this exploitation, even though they got rid previously from iTunes.

And all users install the latest version of iTunes and iCloud to fill the security gap existing in the old version of the update tool Apple software.

And the security vulnerability bug in the update tool Apple software to gain elevated privileges, especially if the service is running as the administrator user or manager of the device, which makes it possible to install all kinds of malware.

A concern is that the Morphisec also noted that they discovered more of the vulnerabilities reported to Apple, but the company didn’t patch yet, classed as saheeh by Apple this vulnerability just yet.

Classified application BitPaymer or iEncrypt that the quality of the aggressive application of the ransom which does not encrypt data files, but also applications and programs.

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