Apple to bring support services by a musical piece chrome Dreamcast

Support service Apple TV music to your Android system where the application its official store Google Play supported tablets and even computers Chrome book, featured guides, new software indicate that the service will cut broadcasts Chrome Cast, to provide service music on TV also.

The site 9to5google dismantled the last version of the application service Apple TV available music on shop Google Play and through the review of the code the code turns out it is under development to destroy the Chromecast.

With the version number 2.8, I got the application Apple TV music on Android to support computers Chrome book, and followed Apple in a double version with two substations to solve some of the problems that appeared for users, and with these versions began to the evidence to emerge.

If the water is actually later it will broadcast any song works across Apple TV music to be played on every Google Home , Smart Display, Android TV or Chromecast. It will also enable the use of the app on the Android phone for the song.

We don’t know when will the water users after the where they need some additions to the final design, such as adding a button to the broadcast Cast.

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