Apple thinks about the problem of keyboard MacBook

It’s been nearly four years since introducing Apple TV technology of the new consoles, which sparked controversy a lot.

Designed the technique of the butterfly to make the devices MacBook thinner by reducing the height of the keyboard without affecting the comfort in use, and indeed achieved, but problems appear with the entry of dust, dirt keys, which were not confined to a limited number of devices but it’s a general problem.

Supposed to the keyboard of the second generation have been covered with rubber to protect it from large particles, but unfortunately still susceptible to the particles of sand are small, and in general the technique of the butterfly is more sensitive and may not be suitable for heavy use.

In response to complaints and criticism continued, he acknowledged a spokesman for Apple said: “if a limited number of users are facing problem with the keyboard is the second generation of their own, and that’s why we’re sorry.” He also added that trade is a positive when most of the users, and at the same time, those who have been exposed to the problem are angry and are waiting for the opportunity to sue the company.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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