Apple think users of my Service Pay AliPay وWePay after the exposure to the market via Apple ID

أبل تعتذر من مستخدمي خدمتي الدفع AliPay وWePay بعد تعرضهم للسرقة عبر Apple ID

Days ago duty Apple criticized by the largest push in China, Alipay and WeChat Pay, due to some users for the through the process of trying to using Apple ID, managed by some thieves to access accounts for users of phones Apple TV and purchase through the payment services linked to it.

To see the police today and an apology. honest according to The Wall Street Journal, where she said in a speech about this to a few users know the process of penetration and conversion, and added those users didn’t they activate the process of confirmation steps to their calculations, she regretted and considered severe for them to expose them for the inconvenience caused by the process of this conversion.

It did not disclose the total amount for the users or the number of them, so, in that Apple pledged last week, as you will see the amount stolen to his companions according to a source close.

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