Apple think the price was among the reasons that contributed to low demand for the iPhone

iPhone XS Max

There are many reasons why the demand for iPhone is weak lately. However, one of those reasons that may be very clear is the price. Given that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost starting from 1000 USD, then that makes them out of reach for many consumers, knowing that Apple was the pricing of its smart phones several years ago at about$ 500 just.

Of course one can mention the saturation of the market, but at the same time companies Chinese competition based pricing of its smart phones leading at half price phones iPhone modern, and it is clear that Apple is aimed at higher profit margins. Yesterday, when Apple disclose its financial results for the last quarter of 2018, admitted CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that the price was among the main reasons why customers not to upgrade to iPhones with modern science as also mentioned in earlier programme of replacement battery vs. the$ 29 as one of the reasons that also caused a reduction in the rate of translation.

This came in response to analyst Steve Milunovich, who asked whether Apple had erred in the aspect of price, where the said Mr. Tim Cook : ” Yes, I think that price is a factor. Therefore, we work to address this, we have taken a number of actions to fix the situation, including the launch of the Follow-Up Program ( Trade-In ) and payments monthly, which I mentioned too. “

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Tim Cook defended the choices the Apple TV when it comes to the pricing of its smart phones, in 2017 for example when was the launch of the iPhone X, suggested to get this phone through a monthly plan will be ” cheaper than drinking a cup of coffee in the day in those places are prohibitive “. He also said at the time that the iPhone X is worth what you pay for.

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