Apple takes an-iTunes to retire after 18 years

Among the things to be held by Apple at the developers conference WWDC 2019, which starts next Monday 3 June in San Jose, California, is the end of the application to iTunes which revolutionized the music world when it was first presented in 2001, although Apple said that the days-iTunes will system macOS 10.15, maybe you mean that it will be a lite version. However, it now appears that the app will be stopped permanently, after that I spent in the service nearly 18 years since that made by Steve Jobs at Macworld on 9 January 2001. So what alternatives to be provided by Apple? How are we going to manage our devices in?

The move comes as part of the efforts of Apple to make their applications consistent across desktop computers and various devices iPad and iPhone, according to Bloomberg. It is expected to offer Apple’s separate apps to replace the IP-iTunes, such as the application of special music, and a special application on the TV, and apply for the podcast in the next major version of the system, macOS, which will be unveiled at the conference next Monday.

The end of iTunes

Was iTunes is the only way in which the users of Apple TV to music, watch movies and TV shows and hear Files podcast and manage their devices for almost two decades. In this year, the company has become Apple’s finally ready to move into a new era. Will the company launches three new apps for the Mac for music, television, and podcasts to replace the IP-iTunes.

Align this information with a new report from the site 9To5Mac, who claimed that he will be renamed iTunes to the music program on your Mac. In other words, the iTunes will be replaced by the application of a special new music, or it could offer Apple a lite version of iTunes with a different name with significant adjustments, which is expected to become the new tool to synchronize the Apple devices and management.

It was proposed by Steve Jobs of publishing Apple press about the program iTunes in 2001:

“Apple has what you do best, making complex applications easy and more powerful. Trumps iTunes is great on any other application for music. We hope that the user interface is the simplest and dramatically attract more people to the digital music revolution”. This is a picture of what seemed to him an-iTunes in the year 2001:

Take iTunes his share of fair criticism over the years for being a crowded, making it Apple for everything. So split it into standalone apps such as music, television, podcasts would be welcome.

Earlier last week, the leaked screenshot contains what it should look like you have apps, music and TV on system macOS 10.15.

The music application

TV application

Is expected to announce Apple’s new operating systems to their own devices in the opening of the conference of the Apple WWDC 2019 next Monday. We will remember for a detailed how to watch the conference.

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