Apple suffer from low sales of the iPhone in the second quarter of our current fiscal year

apple iPhone XS Max

Apple unveiled its financial results for the first quarter of our current fiscal year in the month of January, the figures showed falling sales of the iPhone during the holiday season in 2018. Although the remaining two weeks on issuance of the report of the third quarter, but that analysts expect to continue this way, they expect not to exceed the sales of iPhones around 45 million units, which means less by about 10 percent compared with the same period last year when the company managed to sell 52 million units.

Issued a company OTR Global note new research indicating that Apple shipped between 37 and 42 million units of iPhones, while analysts of the Wall Street the results a little better, they expect to range shipping between 40 and 45 million units. He said the company OTR Global that the main reason is the weak demand for the two phones the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Given that Apple decided to stop announcing the number of units sold, you won’t know the exact numbers, but digital revenue will be a good indicator.

Report of the third quarter of last year to buy Apple at day 30 of the month of April, and then we’ll get the official details. The outlook is revised to the company that revenue will range between $ 55 million and 59 million, slightly less than $ 61 million, which amounted to about Apple in the period from January to march of 2018. Should be ranges from gross margin between 37% and 38% while can reach up operating expenses to $ 8.6 billion.


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