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Fell market value to buy the Apple TV after the emergence of more evidence of weak demand for the latest lineup of iPhones, as warned another supplier of suppliers of components iPhone than twice the projected demand for the latest Apple devices, as the company cut Lumentum, which provide the components of a FaceID for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, of its forecast for earnings and revenue thanks to lower orders by Apple, has led this news to the decline of the share price of Apple rose again by 5 percent, resulting in a loss of its $ 40 billion of its market value.

The report to the Nikkei newspaper ASEAN review Nikkei Asian Review issued in the past week have pointed out the demand is disappointing on the iPhone XR New, where I told the Apple TV to a smart phone Foxconn Foxconn Pegatron Pegatron to halt plans to set up additional production lines dedicated to the model, but the news Lumentum is particularly bad according to the measurement of the company’s issued its forecast last original two weeks ago.

And Lumentum it now expects to report revenues quarter-December (quarter past two) between $ 335 million and $ 355 million, significantly less than the balance its initial $ 405 million to $ 430 million, which was released just 11 days before, and that Apple had reduced orders, demand related to the location of phones since then, and the situation is worse than it was previously.

It seems that the company Lumentum not the only one, as reported by the report , told Reuters of the existence of many suppliers to Apple who reduced their orders because the biggest customers they have is Apple, and the company creates the components of the camera TrueDepth front-end that operates within the latest iPhone to provide the feature of facial recognition Face ID and augmented reality, and incorporated Lumentum in its filing last year’s annual 2018 Apple as the largest client has, so that they represent up to 30 percent of the revenue, without mentioning Apple by name in its report.

Said Alan Lowe Alan Lowe, director and CEO of Lumentum in a statement: “We recently received a request from one of our biggest clients in the industrial and consumption in order to reduce their shipments of diodes laser sensor, three-dimensional significantly during the second quarter of the fiscal year equivalent to orders previously submitted, which was originally delivered during the quarter”.

Continues to tags related to the decline in sales of the iPhone to appear publicly, after that the form of the first quarter of year 2017 peak sales of the iPhone, but quarterly sales fell since then, this has led to the company’s announcement that it would not declare the number of shipments of devices, iPhone, computers, iPad tablet computers, the Macintosh, the beginning of the quarter December.

This has sparked an unexpected change in the policy concerns that the technology giant American is struggling to stimulate the growth of hardware sales in the future, it seems that it could get worse, he said the number of analysts they expect a decline in sales of the iPhone compared to the original estimates, the giant Cupertino for the manufacture of consumer devices has raised prices in all areas, and to pursue actively its services business in order to earn more money from each of their current customers.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple TV suffer from falling sales of phones iPhone

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