Apple sued for wiretapping user

The trial against Apple have become commonplace. But if the small developers prefer to sue it mostly for PR, that ordinary users are likely to want to make some quick money for a particular puncture of company. Well, at least one gets this impression when reading the latest lawsuit filed against Apple. What plaintiffs do not want to bring the company to justice: in the absence of alternative directories of the applications for a protection mechanism of the reboots , and even for low iPhone sales. In a word, nonsense. But today not one of them.

This week against Apple was filed the class action in court in San Jose on the protection of privacy, told Bloomberg. The plaintiffs accused the company of wiretapping without warning, which in California is under the legislative ban. Despite the fact that the user agreement States that Apple has the right to record the user after the command “Hey Siri”, in fact it happens when Siri is activated automatically.

How Apple is cheating us

In addition, the plaintiffs ‘ attorneys had examined all public statements by Apple that the company ever made about wiretapping, and included in the statement of claim is a very curious fact. About a year ago, speaking at the Congress, representatives of the company in question, whether its listening device users, said that the only thing that gadgets are listening in the background is the phrase “Hey Siri” to activate the voice assistant.

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Judging by the fact that Apple had to suspend the program recording user commands in Cupertino are really concerned about accidental triggering of Siri. It turns out that the voice assistant could be activated not only by phrase-trigger, but accidentally without user commands. As a result, many Apple device owners had been listening, not even suspecting that their conversations can hear someone else.

How to sue Apple

Whether or not this claim has any prospects? In my opinion, Yes. In this case, Apple can recognize guilty in any case. If it is proved that the recording was made accidentally, the company accused of negligence in the creation of software. Moreover, in Cupertino themselves implicitly acknowledged this, by turning off the tap. Well, if the court finds that Apple violated the privacy act, realizing the social danger of his actions, waiting for her mnogomillionniy fines and compensation payments.

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