Apple sued because iPhone dredging XS Max

On Apple again sued. This time the subject of discussion was a characteristic “notch” in the screen of the iPhone XS Max. According to the wording of the statement of claim, Apple introduces all consumers are not misled, deliberately hiding the cut on the advertising posters and the box of the flagship device. According to the plaintiff, therefore, the company encourages sales by creating a false idea about the design of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in the minds of potential buyers.

The lawsuit was filed by California resident, Courtney Davis. Buying your new iPhone XS Max, she was sure that the updated model has lost specific cutout in the screen. After unpacking the box with the device, she found that it is not, and immediately appealed to the court.

Allegedly Davis, she intends to seek from Apple not only reimbursement, but also the cessation of “offensive advertising practices” by the American Corporation. At the moment the plaintiff seeks like-minded people to file a class action lawsuit. However experts suggest that such a case will not be simple given the “green light”. And if the court would consider such a statement, the chance of a successful outcome is quite small.

Recall that the first “island” appeared in the display of the iPhone in 2017. This design element allowed the engineers to place the advanced facial recognition system Face ID. However, many users of such a decision was seen as doubtful, and disputes on this account do not cease to this day.

iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max went on sale in Russia on 28 September at a recommended price and 96990 87990 rubles, respectively, for models with a base drive 64 GB. IPhone sales XR began only at the end of October. Its cost starts from 64990 rubles for the younger version.

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