Apple strives to bring the hours of its smart Apple Watch for older people at risk

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

While the Smart Watch Apple Watch is not the most expensive house in the lineup of Apple TV, they are still very expensive in the eyes of many consumers due to the fact that they are part of the market of wearable devices newborn newly which has not seen a lot of development compared with smartphones, which reached unprecedented levels in technological development.

Of course, like the Apple to see its smart Apple Watch in the parameters of the largest possible number of customers, which is why a report from CNBC that the company is in talks with Mediacare about the possibility of financial support for the provision of hours Apple Watch for older people at risk. Not signed any deal yet, so probably won’t happen even though it is logical.

Come to Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4 with many new features related to health, among them the feature of electrocardiogram, as well as a feature to detect falls which says to call emergency services in case if fell off the user and no longer responds. It should be noted that this feature has already saved some lives. be sure to put them on the older persons will prove useful.

Of course, Apple don’t say this in order to Goodwill, because getting more customers means more money. He was the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook has previously stated that the size of the revenues received by the company with wearable devices exceeded the revenue received by with the iPod.


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