Apple “strained”? Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S9 and S9+

Yesterday at the conference MWC 2018, Samsung introduced a new generation of its flagship smartphone — the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Because these devices are often compared with the iPhone (both in price and in performance), it is more interesting to look at the new items announced read more. Suddenly Apple has a lot to learn?

Do not dwell on the technical characteristics and other specifications you can read, for example, our colleagues from We are also interested in the key differences of the new products as from the last generation, and iPhone.

First of all, it should be noted that Samsung did not completely get rid of fingerprint scanners. The latter now is not on the side of the camera module, and moved under it, to make it easier to reach him (and the camera was not in the fingerprints). At the same time, the company introduced the technology of “smart scanning” (Intelligent Scan), which allows the smartphone to determine which way to use to unlock, So, if the lighting is bad, a retinal scanner, otherwise the scanner the entire face.

Has undergone major changes and back camera S9 and S9+. At S9, the camera switches the aperture according to the shooting conditions, and S9+ boasts a dual camera. “Live focus” allows you to adjust background blur, and the function “multicade” creates sets of four frames and make them last the image is already minimized noise.

As stated earlier, the new smartphone Samsung introduced a feature AR Emoji — it allows you to turn a selfie into a custom GIF-avatars. In this case, the user is allowed to modify face shape, hairstyle and even appearance. In Samsung decided not to confine person (as in, animaze Apple) and allow you to create a full-fledged mini model people.

Left to Samsung and 3.5 mm audio Jack. And thanks to the microSD slot the free space can be increased to 400 GB.

Despite the large number of innovations, appearance of new Samsung is not much different from the last generation. But the feeling that each year the company produces one and the same (with a slight upgrade), no. Whether Apple glean any ideas? Probably only those that relate to the main camera — this South Korean giant is very good. Otherwise, Apple is going its own way, but Samsung itself does not hesitate to draw inspiration from Cupertino (as evidenced by AR Emoji). Yes, Samsung is actively promoting the idea of turning a smartphone into a computer, which even showed the station DeX Pad, but until such solutions are few.

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