Apple stores the user data part of iCloud in the cloud Google

Apple has confirmed the use of Google cloud platform for storing encrypted user data from iCloud. Relevant information was discovered by the journalists of CNBC in the paper on iOS security.

According to experts, third-party cloud storage no information that could identify users (usernames, passwords, etc.). In addition to the “cloud” Google, Apple also continues to use Amazon S3, but the services of Microsoft Azure, the Corporation not long ago decided to give up.

All the files among which the user contacts, calendars, photos and more, broken into pieces and encrypted with the secure key AES-128 and SHA-256, so using Google cloud platform must not become a threat to data security of the owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac. However, the fact of partnership with Google in the field of information storage is surprising.

It is unknown when Apple started to use the services of the search giant for user data, but in 2016, has signed a multi-million dollar deal with the cloud platform of Google, the Financial Times reports.

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