Apple Store in Russia. When?

When in 2001 Apple decided to create its own network of retail stores, many analysts reacted to this idea with skepticism, not believing in the success of this format. Fortunately, the negative predictions of experts did not materialize and now the Apple Store is one of the most successful trading platforms. Number of stores exceeded a few hundred – but in our latitudes are still no outlets. Should I wait for the opening of the flagship store in Russia?

When in 2013 Apple has launched an official online store in Russia, many were convinced that the opening of the first retail Apple store will not keep itself waiting long. According to some sources, negotiations did take place — however, Apple appealed to the agencies and looked for the objects of interest themselves. There was even information that the location of the future store are already defined, and now the company is hiring. But at some point, the Corporation decided to abandon its plans. But why?

It should be understood that Russia — is not a priority market for Apple. Profit from sales of devices in Russia account for only a small part of the total income of the Corporation. It is likely that to invest in the opening of the flagship retail store and many other factors: instability of the national currency (especially in the last few years), low purchasing power, sanctions.

And unfortunately, it is unlikely that the situation will change in the next few years.

However, upset is not the shopping, as close to the real Apple Store already exists in Russia. For example, trading platform “Apple Shop” in the Central Department store in Moscow. It’s official — outlet belongs to Apple, but the famous no signboard. But this does not negate the high level of service — all consultants and vendors are employees of the Russian division of Apple, and have received special training.

There is another, equally well-known format — sales representatives certified Apple Premium Reseller. Benefits authorized Resellers are really a lot — and a high level of qualified staff, and a variety of events, and concept shops like a real Apple Store. There are other advantages — like the ability to order a special configuration of the Mac directly from Apple. A big plus is the fact that such retail outlets are in almost every major city.

What do you think, is it worth to Apple to open your own shop on the territory of the Russian Federation? Leave your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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