Apple stop conference calls on FaceTime because of a loophole disastrous!

Apple stop service calls in the FaceTime app on the background of a catastrophic mistake has been circulating on news sites today, has promised Apple launch the update later this week to resolve the problem.

آبل توقف المكالمات الجماعية على فيس تايم بسبب ثغرة كارثية!

Apple stop conference calls on FaceTime because of a loophole disastrous!

The gap is a mistake in the application of FaceTime when you make a call and add your number to the person in the conversation and then call someone else where you’ll be able to hear the voice of the other party and if I should contact during ringing as if press the ON button Power you will be able to access the front camera in blatant violation of the privacy of users.

Apple announced a feature to conference calls when you launch the iOS 12 and macOS Mojave and then she provided officially to the general users via the update sub since the end of last October, it is not known precisely how long this loophole to exist.

The advantage of conference calls is currently available pending the launch of another update this week to resolve the problem, apart from that water you can use the application FaceTime naturally in the calls and correspondence of the individual.

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