Apple started to cut prices on the iPhone in other regions. Whether it comes to turn to Russia?

Not long ago, Tim cook shared his plans for Apple in the future. The Director General said that the Corporation intends to work to lower prices on the iPhone. The flagship model will be cheaper in those countries whose national currency has seriously depreciated over the last few years. I am glad that these statements were not unfounded – the cost of current smartphones do gradually falls in different regions.

At the moment Apple has adjusted the prices of its new products in Brazil and China. According to various sources, discount on top smartphones, the company could reach 30%. However, while all this applies only at stores authorized Resellers. In the official online Apple store prices have remained the same.

By the way, this is the second major price reduction in China. Apple has repeatedly made it clear how important this particular market. Despite the fact that the Corporation revised pricing policy in China in January, but a small discount on the device (for$ 50) did not give the desired effect.

It is noteworthy that in Russia already there are discounts on the iPhone at third-party retailers. But analysts say that’s not nearly enough. A good example — previously, the iPhone cost about 90 thousand rubles, but now this smartphone can be purchased for 82-83 thousand. In both cases, this is an exorbitant amount for most of the population of Russia — and there are doubts that the move somehow had a positive impact on sales.

Experts claim that Apple will re-adjust prices — this time making a more significant discount. To verify this information is not yet possible, however there are significant prerequisites, which indicate such a development.

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