Apple start support Logitech Crayon on the iPad Pro in the iOS update 12

Confirmed Apple in comments recently on its plans in the coming period to support the Logitech Crayon on your iPad Pro possible the size of 9.7 inch, support more devices later in the iOS update 12.

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Keen technology giant during the financial period to provide different options of iPad devices vary in screen size and level of pricing, comes from your iPad Pro 9.7 inch that starts from the level of the pricing of $ 329, and also provide many accessories that are compatible with the hardware.

But the unexpected start of Apple in run support and agree Logitech Crayon on the iPad possible size of 9.7 inches, where it will support compatibility through iOS update 12, that is in other devices later.

As a confirmed Apple in her remarks with the position of the Verge on that the iOS update 12 next will come support Logitech Crayon on the iPad Pro, however the company did not confirm whether this support will be new devices only or production line Apple fully iPad Pro.

It is expected according to the statements Apple will be announced iOS update 12, during the conference Apple held tomorrow on the 25th of March, as projections indicate that support for Apple device iPad Pro in particular to the compatibility of this version with the educational purposes in special version possible size of 9.7 inch, which is designed to support the education market.


I know of

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