Apple start selling the phone iPhone SE from the new starting price of$ 249

iphone se

Some of you might remember that Apple stopped production of certain models of the iPhone, at least the models with USB headphones 3.5 mm after it detects the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in one last year. Furthermore, the timing of the Apple also produce iPhone X and iPhone SE and iPhone 6S. As you can expect, has been to remove all these models from the official site of Apple on the internet. However, it seems that Apple has quietly begun selling the iPhone SE again.

Was Apple selling iPhone SE with 32GB or 128GB of internal memory compared to 349$ and 449$ respectively before they stop production late last year. However, he noted based on the site MacRumors that the phone iPhone SE available again for purchase on the official site of Apple on the web, and they are selling 32GB version of this phone for 249$, while the copy is sold 299$ 299$.

The Apple originally detects the phone iPhone SE in March of 2016. Have had this phone receive good by those who are not interested in having large phones with huge screens. It has appealed to a certain part of the market the coming of the phone similar to iPhone SE, has succeeded Apple in selling quite a few units.

Given that Apple has included iPhone SE quietly again in its official website on the web, and exactly in the clearance section of its online store, it is likely that the company simply to get rid of the inventory I have left. It should be noted that we are talking here about the new units which have not been opened by it is also open SIM.

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