Apple spent $ 60 million with 9000 suppliers in the United States during the past year


Apple manufactures all of its products outside the United States, but it highlights the contributions that they make to the economy of the country by spending billions of dollars with local suppliers. Specifically, Apple spent $ 60 million just last year. And Apple they spent this amount with 9000 suppliers in the United States through the year 2018, this represents an increase of 10 percent compared with the year 2017.

Says Apple in its press release that its business with local suppliers supports more than 450 thousand jobs in the country. Explained Apple as well that, since 2011, has doubled the number of jobs created by and supported the company in the United States of America by about three fold from approximately 600 thousand jobs to 2 million in all fifty states. Has Apple made a partner by Finisar as an example.

Awarded Apple about $ 390 million from the fund to support Advanced Manufacturing Fund to buy Finisar increase production of important component in the holographic camera TrueDepth subsidiary of Apple. I used a company Finisar funds to an empty building in Texas to a factory full of people who will provide that place in the future.

Among the local suppliers to others who are dealing with Apple, we find the company Corning that provide layered glass touch-sensitive used in iPhones, iPads and iPad, the company Cincinnati Test Systems, that the design of the equipment used to ensure the resistance of the phones iPhone water and dust, as well as the company Broadcom that supplies Apple with the chip of your communications wireless. May continue this figure to climb in the coming years. Before concluding, We would like to point out that Apple has in the past developed detailed plans to $ 350 million dollars of their funds available abroad to the United States of America.

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