Apple spend hundreds of millions of dollars on service subscriptions games Arcade

Revealed the Financial Times that Apple are spending huge amounts to ensure the quantity and quality of good games in its new service Arcade revealed by recently and the system requirements so that the user pays a specific amount per month to play as a Shared Library available from the games on the service.

Likely that Apple spent far more than $ 500 million in total on games available on its service. We don’t know accurately the budget allocated for it, or at least for one game, but sure to some of the games I paid several millions of dollars.

Provides Apple TV special benefits to developers who provide their games exclusively temporarily via the service of Apple and only on the operating system iOS.

Include Apple TV well it to promote their service they need to spend vast sums to be compelling to users being subscription system vs playing not regular enough yet, unlike what is the case in watching movies and series on Netflix.

Most smartphone users are accustomed today to download the games for free and to purchase items including optionally, but Apple want them to pay for the right to play where a huge fun of games exclusive, high quality, and this requires vast sums to developers.

What implementation Apple TV today will give them as dividends to double later if it works, the idea of a subscription versus play, especially that the company is geared towards reaping more of the profits of the service sector and trying to get the largest possible revenue from users of its devices today.

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