Apple sold more hours of the Rolex and swatch the rest of the companies combined

Estimates suggest that Apple sold a lot of hours by the smart more of the companies of the swiss watch industry of the whole in the last quarter of last year, in a significant acceleration of sales the previous. And Apple has become one of the largest manufacturers of watches in the world to overtake its sales companies obsolete in the industry such as Rolex, Omega and even swatch and other Swiss companies combined. According to estimates by market research we were not, and IDC expects that Apple has sold about 8 million hours in the last quarter of 2017 for the rights to all of the companies of the watch industry and become the No. 1 In this area. Do not disclose to Apple about sales figures hours its officially up now, and instead you combine the sales of the Apple watch in the category “Other products”, which prompted some to question your predicted sales and lackluster market. Apple CEO Tim Cook on February 1, Current to the last quarter of last year was the best for hours Apple watch, which achieved 50% growth in revenue and units sold for the fourth consecutive quarter.

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