Apple signed a cooperation agreement with Amazon to sell their products

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The company has signed with Apple andAmazon a joint cooperation agreement to expand the range of Amazon of products of Cupertino company, and Amazon is currently devices belonging to Apple such as the iPhone, but through vendors unaffiliated third parties at different prices and different terms, it is supposed to help the new deal in improving the quality of Apple products sold in Amazon, it will sell the Amazon, as part of the new partnership, Apple devices such as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, in addition to computers, iPad Pro iPad Pro a new tablet and the fourth generation of Apple Watch smart Apple Watch.

As you say, Amazon is also selling the products of the company Beats is owned by Apple, are available new products in the Amazon in the United States and the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India in the coming weeks, while will not be sold to tweeter Home smart HomePod, which compete directly in the middle of the Echo from Amazon, on Amazon for competitive reasons, and that Amazon doesn’t also sell a selection devices the speakers smart home Home, a subsidiary of Google.

The new partnership that the independent sellers on Amazon won’t back able to sell the iPhone and the company’s other products directly on Amazon, and must instead prove that they are resellers authorized by Apple to be able to sell the company’s products within the Amazon, which ensures customers get a certain level of quality without the need to worry about the quality or legality of the products purchased or the existence of a great difference in prices compared to the official price of the company.

These traits are considered a big win to Amazon, which expands the company’s product range in time for the holidays and more electronic devices from a leading manufacturer of devices with products highly desirable, taking into account the intention of Amazon providing free delivery on all applications for holidays in the United States, while the help page of the Cupertino company in selling more devices around the world.

Commented a spokesman for Amazon said: “Amazon is constantly improving the customer experience, and one of the ways to do that is to increase the range of products that we know that the customers they want. We are looking to expand our product range of Apple and Beats on the world level,” he added about the lack of your HomePod “we make contradictory decisions all the time, based on the conditions and a large number of other factors”.

The company has both a long history of dealing with each other, taking care not to give the other party an advantage is not necessary, causing the platform Apple TV happen some problems between the parties during the financial period, with the desire of Apple to sell its platform via the Amazon website, in contrast, wanted Amazon Apple TV add an app “Prime Video” Prime Video to the device, to stop Amazon from selling platform Apple TV in 2015.

He explained to Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the largest an electronic commerce company in the world that the reason for this is to avoid confusing the customers who will assume that the streaming service Amazon will come by default within device they’re buying from Amazon, than to pay the manufacturer for the iPhone to add the application of Prime Video to the platform to Apple TV, and Amazon to sell through her store.

This change allows for Apple, Amazon to control more of the list of faces and the products of the Cupertino company to remove the lists of independent sellers of the products of Apple after the date of 4 January 2019, the Apple spokesman said: “We are working with Amazon to improve the customer experience of our company on their site, and we look forward to providing a new way for those customers to buy devices iPhone computers iPad hours Apple smart computers Macintosh”.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple TV signs cooperation agreement with Amazon to sell their products

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