Apple showed how to make a cool frame for the 2018 world Cup

Apple has released a series of videos teaching users the right to conduct photo and video shooting on the iPhone. Each video is shot in a football theme, as a kind of reference to held in Russia the world football championship 2018.

Continuous shooting on the iPhone

Below pictures from the series turned out really cool, first of all, Apple recommends that you choose the right shooting angle. After taking a comfortable position, aim the lens at the subject and press the shutter to activate serial mode. Now select your images and delete the excess.

How to take cool panorama on the iPhone

Most users underestimate panoramic shooting mode, preferring the slo-mo or “portrait”. However, it can provide you great images, most importantly, know how to use it. For example, you can make a photo, where one team seemingly is on the contrary itself. To explain it more affordable than Apple did, is unlikely.

How to shoot slow motion video on iPhone

The secret of a good slo-mo video in high detail frame. To achieve this, get as close as possible to the subject and activating the mode, click the shutter button. Optionally, on the output video manually set the time at which the shot needs to slow down for effect.

How to remove a photo or video in the style of Backlight

To photo or video in the style of a Backlight was really colorful, set the focus manually, not letting him “walk” and adjust the exposure. To maximize the attractiveness of the frame create a light mist, for example, raising the dust, and shoot.

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