Apple should not have to abandon the audio Jack in the iPhone

In September 2016, Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which were the first smartphones of the company, devoid of the usual audio Jack. It was planned that most of the users prefer wireless headphones or analogues with Lightning, but in fact Apple “replaced” on all adapters.

Adapter Lightning to 3.5 mm became one of the most popular items in Best Buy stores, writes MacRumors. Among the products from the Apple cable is in second place on demand — ahead of him only the AirPods. But among all products in shop 15 Jul adapter took 19 place. Apparently, users are not yet ready for a massive shift to wireless headphones.

Barclay’s analysts said that the package iPhone the 2018 model year will be the poorer because of it disappears with the Lightning adapter for the mini Jack. Probably, the smartphone will be delivered with fast charging included.

Apple’s decision to abandon the 3.5 mm Jack in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus caused a negative reaction of most fans of the brand. By doing so, believed consumers in Cupertino set the stage for promotion of branded headphones AirPods, the release of which took place at the same presentation.

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