Apple set to build maps from the ground up using its own data

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Apple is working quietly on re-building a maps app of its own via data aggregation, where the manufacturer an iPhone to put up more detailed maps have been created from its own data for the first time, showing changes starting from the next beta release of the operating system iOS iOS 12, it seems that the process will continue slowly, starting only data on San Francisco and the bay area of San Francisco, to stop the process to the rest of Northern California by the fall of 2018.

It is expected that the process continue for a full year in the United States, so that it is work on each section separately, this comes after the face of the maps Apple a major weakness when launched six years ago, prompting the company CEO to apologize, and it seems that its attempts to list since years to the education gap in partnership with the companies data and providing the direction of transportation that the long-awaited for users and improvements in relation to commercial data and parking plan didn’t work.

Apple seems to realize that the map service has a need to reform from the ground up to become service maps of the world, according to the report, the maps, The New Apple TV was in operation for four years, and is based on data collected by the company using a sensor fitted in the iPhone and auto mobile, and the company to provide improved levels of detail with regard to roads, buildings and sports areas and areas with trees, swimming pools, and trails referred.

Recognized the Apple today that trucks Apple Maps equipped with sensor was collecting data for the project years ago, but the company stayed quiet about the subject, where the use of those cars a group of eight high-resolution cameras, four matrices of lidar LiDAR, a detection system works on the principle of radar but uses laser instead of light, and the system of global positioning GPS, a measuring tool Physical to collect images and data sites.

And the company hundreds of millions of devices iPhone to gather information about traffic, where Apple states that its approach is in line with the user’s privacy, and that its approach works to hide the identity of the data is effective to the degree that it does not collect data for the beginning and the end for individual users, but rather parts of what is in the middle only, where you can’t see the journey a person’s overall and destinations, and data is collected only when the Maps application is already in use, so the effect will be on battery life non-existent.

According to the company they get parts from the development data anonymous when you open the people application maps, so expect to updated information about the open road and traffic, looks the same exactly what do Google, although Apple seems more eager to privacy.

Can the Apple TV through the use of these data to collect real information about the conditions and regulations of roads and new buildings and changes in the footpaths, as you will become the team maps is now able to make adjustments to routes and road conditions in near real-time, so according to Eddie Quinn Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president for programs and services to the internet, which is now responsible for this feature.

EIDE said Quinn: “the road network is takes longer to change at the current time, but in the infrastructure of the new map, we can change that relatively quickly, where we can in the case has been opened to a new way of seeing that instantaneously and make that change very rapidly, the environment map new more speed in making the changes required”.

There are also other improvements supposed to arrive, including a search feature on its design, which proposes currently routinely irrelevant results may not even be in the continent of your current, as reported by the information that Apple will promote the redirection and navigation in general, in addition to the included Parking areas and details the amount appropriate for your destination.

It seems that the company is reshaping what it looks like its maps thanks to the new data, where it is assumed that the user sees more green parks and gardens and elaborate more about the waterways and streets of the various accentuate the main road and read the map, although Apple does not plan to re-design completely, but it is clear that the maps will be very different once that contain more detailed data.

Begin new data to emerge over the coming weeks in a way is very limited, where the first persons registered in trial version 12 of the iOS operating system, and added hands that Apple has invested huge in making the map up to the desired level, according to these changes the company avoid all the mapping data of third parties, data that formed the majority of the maps of Apple TV since its launch in 2012.

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